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Precision Investment Casting

Aluminium Castings & Brass Castings
Since 1964 the Micro Metalsmiths' precision investment casting process still leads the field in the production of small, finely detailed and often very complex aluminium castings and brass castings.

Precision Investment Metal Casting

Having established a reputation for world excellence in engineering and the production of precision investment cast components, Micro Metalsmiths' aluminium castings and brass castings are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001 approved quality system.

A major advantage to all our customers is the provision of a full range of in-house facilities including CNC machining of our precision investment cast aluminium and brass castings. As a result, customers' needs can be met with a greater degree of flexibility. Any customer who has a need for rapid prototyping will find that the latest techniques are available.

Precision Investment Metal Casting Product Velve

Micro Metalsmiths is able to offer its own:

At the present time Micro Metalsmiths can claim to be the only company in the European Union with all these facilities under one roof.

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